Outdoor Decor

Outdoor Decor
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Welcome Stone Everything American Made's sculpture is a striking addition to an entryway or i..
Plaque I guess he says it all. Everything American Made's botanical face plaque would be..
Door Plaque Knock, knock. Who's there? It could be anyone at all - from the smallest toa..
Stepping Stones Gardens are the place we go to recharge our batteries and remember the places and..
Garden Plaque ‚ÄčEverything American Made's classic Baby Birds plaque engraved with "Mom&#..
Stepping Stone One of my favorites, Everything American Made's original was carved from a pie..
Rain Therm Set  Items 168A and 172A -16%
Set A wonderful combination gift from Everything American Made for young and old a..
$81.90 $69.00
Replacement Replacement rain gauge for Everything American Made's rain gauge pieces.  ..
Great Gift St Francis Birdfeeder from Everything American Made. Who better to feed..
Thermometer ‚ÄčThere's nothing like a tall shade tree in a summer meadow. Birds, bunnies, ..
Round Stepping Stone  Originally carved in limestone, Everything American Made's smiling..
Welcome Plaque Everything American Made's trio of baby birds will welcome anyone who passes b..
Cat Plaque Everything American Made's little sculpture that says a lot. This cat seems t..
Puppies Plaque A perfect gift for dog lovers. Everything American Made's cuddly trio are..
Rain Gauge A charming gift for any bird watcher or gardener. Everything American Made's ..