One Of A Kind

One Of A Kind

One of A Kind

At EverythingAmericanMade we strive to provide you with great US made, high quality products and we are very proud of it. We continuously strive to search for items to pass on to our customers who love unique or one of a kind product and at the same time continues to support our hobbyists or artists in the US who creates a piece using the traditional method despite the amount of time spent to create that "ONE PIECE." Therefore, once sold, it is gone. Although we can request another similar product, it can never be duplicated. No item will look alike.

Our handmade bowls takes a long time to process. We at EverythingAmericanMade was also surprised of the amount of time required to create these handmade bowls. We learned that our artist, who is a teacher in one of the local schools in Michican as well as a coach logs his own wood in the forest, treats, shave, and cuts it himself. He uses old fashion, tradiitonal process. Once you see these bowls you will just admire the love and attention put into it each piece.

Our One-Of-A-Kind piece also include antiques that have been refurbished. 

Always check out our One-Of-A-Kind piece to see what is new.