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Looking for a rug that has an impressive design or pattern that is different? Then the Senegal unique rug is definitely for you. It features a zebra pattern with stripes running down the middle of the rug. This rug will definitely bring something different into your home, and the unique design, and subtle colors will match with any setting you want to place it in. The best part about the rug is that the zebra patterns will bring a bit of charm and warmth into your home.

If you want the interior design of your home to standout, then this modern Senegal unique will definitely bring character into any room. The geometric pattern oozes energy and will bring any room to life. It is available in different colors and sizes, and has an extremely soft finish, which makes it standout even more in any décor you place it in.  

Fade and stain resistant, this rug is made of commercial grade nylon yarn for durability and ease of care and cleaning. Durable and able to withstand wear for many generations, the manufacturer added an extra protection against mold, mildew and bacteria.

Ships in two weeks. Machine Made.

Made in the USA.

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