Good Home Pure Grass Candle

Good Home Pure Grass Candle
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Pure Grass Candle

Everything American Made's Pure Grass candles will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy with our soy and parrafin blend glass jar candle. The candle infuses any room in your home with our Pure Grass scent.
  • Total burn time: 30-35 hours.
  • 7 oz Glass Jar.
Directions: Trim wick 1/4" prior to each use and before lighting for the first time. Do not burn longer than 3 hours without retrimming wick. Only burn candle on a heat safe surface. Do not burn by curtains or near any flammable material. Extinguish and allow candle to cool completely before moving. Glass may become hot during use, approach with caution. Keep away from children and pets.
  • Soy/ Paraffin blend, Cotton wick with zinc core.

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