Organic Buckwool Sleep Pillows

Organic Buckwool Sleep Pillows
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  • Now you can discover what ancient cultures have known for hundreds of years, and White Lotus has known for a quarter century! Buckwheat hulls are amazing!
  • Our Buckwool pillows are handmade with half the pillow filled with organic buckwheat hulls and the other half filled with California Virgin Lambswool.
  • The wool allows a sleeper to rest their head onto the pillow without making direct contact with the sometimes-rustling hulls. If you prefer the molded-feel of the hulls, you can just rest your head on that side. Luxurious options for comfort, one soft and one supportive and firm.
  • Made with grown in the USA 100% Organic Buckwool hulls and encased in 100% organic cotton.
  • These pillows have been known to help people achieve a better night's rest by reducing neck pains, lower back aches, and even insomnia caused by discomfort. The secret is inside the pillow: buckwheat hulls conform to your body, evenly distributing the weight that is placed upon it so that you are given maximum support and comfort while allowing air to circulate.
  • Great for resting, or just lying in bed with a good book, our buckwheat pillows will provide you with many nights of sound sleeping.


  • 16x19  Buckwool buckwheat 3.5 wool 0.5
  • Std  Buckwool buckwheat 5.5 wool 1.5
  • Queen  Buckwool buckwheat 7 wool 2
  • King  Buckwool buckwheat 9 wool 4
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