Evergreen Foam Decorative Pillow Inserts

Evergreen Foam Decorative Pillow Inserts
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Our Handmade Eco-Foam pillows are made with shredded Evergreen Foam and encased in 100% Organic Twill Cotton.
This pillows is pretty firm but has move give, since it gets a lot more air flow.
High-density, affordable, and with very little off-gassing, Evergreen Foam is a great American-made material for your bedding needs.
White Lotus Home handcrafted organic pillows are made with the finest ingredients on Earth.

All foam is comprised of oils. These oils, regardless of origin, form the organic compound polyurethane --- it's an umbrella term that describes the chemical compound, not the source. While most conventional oils will use damaging petroleum as their base, our Evergreen Foam will only use soy, castor, and other vegetable oils. To process the liquid oil into a foam product, polyols are added; polyol is sugar-based alcohol derived from castor and vegetable oils that burns off in the manufacturing process. In short, even though foam is a man-made product, all components of our Evergreen Foam are naturally derived from plant-based oils. It's as natural as foam can come!

You can think of the process much like baking a whisky cake: the batter starts out as a liquid, but baking chemically transforms the mixture from liquid to solid, while the alcohol burns off almost entirely.

If a customer is looking for the most natural product possible, we would recommend mattresses and bedding made from raw fibers such as cotton, kapok, and wool: these are unprocessed and close to their natural source. However we do try to offer foam cores and all-foam mattresses for comfort, budgetary, and sensitivity reasons.

Foam Density: 35 ILD
Weight Density: 1.8 LBS

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