About Us

For the past twenty years, we have worked and lived in many countries as American expatriates. Throughout this time, we have been blessed to learn about different cultures and traditions - and we have made many friends along the way. Now our four children have grown to be successful young adults (we are so proud of them and love them dearly!) - and we even have three wonderful grandchildren. Wow, how time flies!


While our time as expatriates has been very exciting and rewarding, we remain so proud to be Americans. Yes, America stands for freedom and opportunity. And it also means high quality workmanship and products that last - goods that brighten your home and deliver what they promise. We believe that American made goods represent what is best about us all. And we know that buying American means more jobs for proud American workers. This is especialy important during these tough times. So this is why we decided to offer the most attractive and highest quality Made in the USA products at EverythingAmericanMade.com.


Like us, you might have been frustrated in the past with imitation Made in USA or Assembled in the USA products that did not live up to your expectations. At EverythingAmericanMade.com, we offer only TRUE American made products. Here you can shop with peace of mind knowing that your purchase directly suports our American economy - the real deal as they say! 


Thank you for visiting and we hope to hear from you soon.


​Raquel & Bob Davenport

​Orlando, Florida